"'Justyna Grodecka: Pankrólish - Prolog' (Solo show, the description -from 2018- of Pankrólish) / (Wystawa indywidualna, opis -z 2018 r.- grupy prac Pankrólish)"

studio/texts/events,  2018.03

The first work - 'Pankrólish 01' was completed on March 13, 2018. Since then, the meaning of the 'Pankrólish' work group has evolved considerably. It's a nice memory though. Photos from the solo exhibition 'Justyna Grodecka: Pankrólish - Prolog' during The Night of Museums 2019, Warsaw, PL.

[DESCRIPTION OF THE 'Pankrólish' SERIES BELOW (from 2018)]

The collection titled 'Pankrólish' consists of oil paintings, charcoal drawings as well as graphic art prints. Each of these pieces illustrates my attempts of reviving certain memories and dreams through recreation of a specific tranquil atmosphere that somewhat borders being ominous. Throughout my whole life I have been experiencing dreams so vivid, that the images stayed with me long after regaining consciousness which I often use as an inspiration for creating new artwork.

By taking advantage of the enigmatic nature that can be associated almost exclusively with the realm of dreams, I try to find a unique artistic voice that best conveys the sense of atmospheric ambiguity, which has always been haunting my own nightly visions. The nature of these artworks - whether more peacefully beautiful or cryptically sinister is ultimately left to the viewer's interpretation.

The collection's title itself - 'Pankrólish' - is a form of wordplay on the name of my favourite stuffed rabbit toy that was faithfully accompanying me on my regular trips to dreamland during the whole of my childhood.


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